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Interspersed with the other stories here are memories from my childhood and various other rants that I wanted to share.
I hope you enjoy them. Have fun reading!

Absolutely, Positively
Art Nights
A Favourite Writer & A Favourite Subject
Be Normal
Bitch Magazine
Broken Hipped Cats on Ice
Cage Fights
The Camel Toe Photo Essay
Check 1, 2, 3
Christmas in the Woods
Chug Life
Clawing My Way to the Top
Collaborative Government
Crumbly Goodness
Dog Park Adventures
Falling In Love
Fort McToxic
Guarding Territory
Good Night!
Hairy, Snaggly Pawpits
Harlequin's "Bellybutton/Turtleneck"
Hello, My Wonderful Readers
Hopes, Dreams & Schemes
Icy Playground
I don't need your war...
I Love Daisies
I'm a Rock Star, Oh... Wait, I'm in a... Routine?
I'm so hungry, my stomach is making a blister on my backbone
I Think It Was A Spider, Man
It's All About You
It's Been Awhile
Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Squeakers?
Just a-swimmin'
Just Us Tinseltown Girls
Lazy As A Cut Dog
Macbeth: Where Does YOUR Moral Compass Lie?
Municipal Development
My Pooper Dog
Nellie's Lobsters
New Shenanigans
Oh, Relax!
Out of Control
Pee Trail
Pipe Dreams
PooPaws Harlequin, the DirtDog
Reviews of Books & Movies
Some Things
Stating The Facts
Student Misery 101
Sunday Stealing
Sure as There's Sh!t in a Cat
Take a Picture - It Lasts Longer!
Toe Jam
Too Cool...
Vomit, Ice Water & Snots
Water, Baby
What Dreams Are Made Of
What to do, what to do
When Did You Exercise?
When The Chips Are Down
Works in Progress