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Saturday, February 18, 2012

What to do, what to do...

It's nearly Spring.

The temperature is hovering around 0, and I am able to bring my 7 lb, flimsy, "I am not walking very far through all this snow and ice" dog out for longer than 3 minutes.

There is also a dude racing his dirt bike on the ice/snow on The Snye. I would take a picture but he is too fast for my iPhone.

There are huge trucks fixing the ice here, maybe getting ready for the annual Shootout on the Snye, or another community activity in winterPLAY.

It's a beautiful, beautiful day.

People are sitting in their vehicles with the windows down, eating lunches, drinking coffees, chatting, walking their dogs, and racing around on their sleds. Harley loves all the excitement.

This place, The Snye, reminds me of my NL home. In NL today, in my area at least, it's snowing heavily and if the wind gets stronger, it will be a storm. A cozy, stay-at-home day, to say the least.

Our northern Alberta, Fort McMurray winter has been wonderfully strange. There have been few cold snaps and it's been unseasonably warm. No complaints here!

A raven sits outside my vehicle, and it is slightly larger than Harley. They are watching each other, it seems, and Harley is trembling. I don't know if he is overcome with excitement or fear. The raven, no doubt, thinks the fluffy white breathing animal is a potential food source.

Soon, Spring will be here and it will turn to Summer. Fort McMurray will turn into a busier hive of activity. It will be hot and louder and there will be more people here. There will be even more to do, more walks to go on, more treats to have.

Ok, now there are 2 ravens... Better throw out some fries before Harley starts looking too tasty :)

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