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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Try-Athletes": the Bonus swim day

We didn't go today. 7am and -44 comes early. The occupants of Bird & Robin Crescents were combating a fever and sore throats.

We discussed whether we are letting ourselves down, or quitting, or whatever.

We have come up with the following explanation: we are further ahead now than we were a week ago. We have gone to 4 workouts and have encouraged others to work out with us. We have made you laugh at our antics.

We are continuing to encourage ourselves and make ourselves laugh at our own antics but there are some things that we simply will not write on the blog... some of this stuff is too raw and inappropriate. If you want the uncut stuff, you have to either talk to us in person or join the Try-Club (that's the spin-off of the Tri-Club)... where our motto is, "What happens in the truck, stays in the truck!"

Frankalisa the war vet is earning a new nickname. I'm learning how to breathe underwater. Beauty Jenny is getting rid of a sore throat.

Back to the vag-busters tomorrow.

Whatever 'bout it.

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