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Monday, April 18, 2011

Falling in Love

I fall in love pretty easily. Head over heels, just like that *snap fingers*...
I was online a couple of days ago, it may have been yesterday, I don't know - my heart was broken so the time has begun to mash together...
I'm a bit of a fetishist for accessories. You wouldn't say it to see me, because I don't wear them, but I'm like a rat or crow for those shiny, beautiful things... I love shoes and bags and stuff. I love the artistry and design of 'things.' And it's not just accessories - it could be a nice jacket, or skirt, or whatever. I just like things that are well put together. It's ART. I like to look at them. They're pretty.
So along comes the Louboutin website. Check out the red shoes - the 'Devalavi'. I want to wear them. I want to put them on my feet and look at them all day.
Check out the blue and white shoes - the 'Double Noeud'... how pretty would they be at a picnic? They are even beautiful in brown.
And last but not least, the other shoes, the '3 Fibbia'... my little lovelies. Seeing these makes my heart soar. I'm sure little kids get excited about unicorns the same way I get excited about these shoes.
So I went on eBay. If you know about Louboutins, they are pricey. As in, $1000-$2000/pair.
I bid on a pair of Louboutins... going for a much discounted price... I was the highest bidder.... I went to bed at 5am... and got an email in the morning saying the item was removed because it was suspected to be counterfeit. I suspect it was suspected counterfeit because the outbidded party was really upset about being outbid.
And my heart was a little bit broken.
I love holidays. I can't wait until summer break. I don't even know what I will do with myself. I would like a front porch, lots of long days, some tea, a nice fenced front yard and a computer. Looks like I might be writing.
I'm on twitter: TeresinaBenoit. I haven't written anything yet, but I'm there. I have to think of something good to be my first post - can't throw it away.
This is the funniest blog I have read in awhile:
Harley loves the daily walks but gets tired after an hour or so. He tries to get up, which is funny. He is like a kid.
And now I am off to the workout races to pedal my arse off just a little bit more.

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