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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hopes, Dreams & Schemes

I've been a delinquent blogger for awhile. Sometimes I take a break, that's just how I am. It's what I do.

However, I have been busy with my career during daylight hours (as well as some night-time hours when I have to finish up the grading), as well as cooking and baking and concocting hot drink recipes. I'm not making anything new to the world, just new to me. It's kind of fun.

And it's exactly what I planned to do this fall.

My next endeavour, which I thought I would already be doing by now, is making little boy-dog clothes for Harley. There is a serious lack of boy-dog clothes (I know, I know: "male dog," but that sounds so mature, and Harley & I are just not that mature yet) in the world, right from the physical stores to eBay. Nothing.

So I am going to get out the ole thinking cap, and I'm going to make some. Oh, yeah. Harley be stylin'.

Maybe I'll call his clothing line that: Harley B. Stylin'.

Something I have been giving a lot of thought to is opening a business here in town. I want to open a coffee shop that encompasses many aspects. Fort McMurray could benefit from this. I want to call it Our Place and the logo will be based on Our Community, Our Home, Our Place.

During the day, it could be a bistro-cafe and open to everyone, and in the evenings after 6 it could be a pub area open only to adults. Or, open in the evenings to teens on Mon - Wed, and open to adults on Thur - Sat. This could work. I need a financial backer.

I have people interested in cooking and someone interested in doing the fitness section. Lots of people want to be involved with the artistic side. That's the cornerstone: it will be an artistic place, not a dance club - it will be a laid back place where you would go to chat and have coffee or a glass of wine, a sandwich, read a book while the radio is playing lightly in the background, someone could be looking at the art on the walls or displayed around the room, etc.

There is so much we can do. And I think Fort McMurray is ready and can sustain this type of entrepreneurial endeavour. The only way you can foster community is to develop it and make people welcome - which is exactly what you do at all levels, foster the community, the home, and make it our place, together.

"Build it, and they will come."

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