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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


New learning opportunity this month: 

Students are going to choose how & what they learn in my room (within our framework, of course), all based on their own strengths & weaknesses, so their learning and my teaching is tailor-made for each student... 

So, I want to set up an adult 'idea sharing network,' because we often ask other teachers but rarely ask previous students... (teachers, I want you to participate, too, if you want to, and I will share everything with you!)

and this is where you come in... if you have ever been in school, or have known someone in school, please suggest (below or in a private message) something you think is important in/to education today:
- what would you like to see students learning in English class
- what do you think is important/fun/helpful when learning
- how did you learn best (listening, writing, reading, viewing)
- anything else you would like to offer

Thanks for sharing!

Just so you know - Class #1 is VERY excited to be doing this... they happily chose their novels today and can't wait to start in their groups. They are looking forward to 'their learning time' and are already choosing their next tasks. I am excited that they are excited to learn.