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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Try-Athletes": day 3: "Tonight? Oh, we have Spin class"

Earlier today, someone asked, "What do you have today for your workout?", to which I replied "We have spin class." HA! "We have spin class."

Like we have been doing it forever and we are pros.

So today, all Jenny and I did was talk about how we were kicked out of Swim Club. I have come to terms that I am special but Jenny views it a different way - she knows she is a good swimmer and just needs to get her water legs back. I just don't really care what anyone says (unless Brent tells me I suck, then I will probably cry), and Swim Coach Soldier's opinion really (literally) rolled right off me, like water off a duck's back. haha. Jenny had to explain it to me, remember?

So anyway, remember how he told us to get adult swim lessons? Well, the gloves are off. We are throwing down.

Because.... tomorrow, we are bringing our own Instructor/Lifeguard to Swim Club. How about that, b*^ch? We aren't going to take Adult Swim Lessons, we are going to BRING Adult Swim Lessons. Yeah, that's how we roll. Whatever about it. We are effing serious. What's UP ?!? :)

TONIGHT: Back to Spin Class:
Lisa said she was coming with us to work out tonight. We were excited, despite being kind of pi$$y about the swimming stuff. We worked on getting Mat to come, too, although he was a hard sell.

(We left at 6 but didn't get to MacIsland until about 7).

Mat can't find his shoes. He also comes out dressed in 2 shirts and I'm pretty sure he had on padded, or lined, pants. He is going to die of heat exhaustion.

I found the workout SO HARD tonight. Not only did my arse hurt, but my upper body was kind of aching, too. Jenny was going hardcore. At one point, I had to convince myself not to just get off the bike and walk away. Jenny talked me through it a couple of times. It's definitely a benefit to go with others. I just wanted to curl up behind the speaker and go to sleep, preferably with a bag of ice directly between my legs, stretching from my crotch straight down over my a$$. You don't know the beauty of the vagina-buster until you have spent quality time with it twice in a short time period.

During the first night, I didn't watch the time - I think I was too busy living on a different plan of consciousness. Tonight, it felt like every second was happening twenty times. Eventually, I decided to work on my Breathing. Last night, the Swim Coach Soldier told me that I should work on Breathing, so today I figured to pass time, I would do some practice for swim Breathing... gotta work on Breathing anyway, so what better way to do it for both??? (See how many times I mentioned 'breathing'? This is how much of an issue it has become for us this week!).

During the walk/run portion, Jenny went for her first running lap!!! YAAAAY!!!!! JENNY !!! JENNY !!!! Meanwhile, later in the evening, we were so tired we also tripped each other just walking to the core workout area.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mat says this is his first workout. He bikes, and nearly dies from heat exhaustion. Then we go for a walk, and Mat busts out in a run. Like, WTF? Where did THAT come from? And he kept up the hardcore exercising all night!

Mat did a fantastic job!! At one point, he said he didn't feel like he was really in the room anymore. I said that was exactly how I felt the first night - like you are on acid or something. He said that was probably right, although he was never on acid before. Well, for the record, neither have I, it's just a frame of reference... we could have said that it's like drinking 85 cans of Red Bull or mainlining a pot of coffee... I sure haven't done those and I would bet neither has he... ANYWAY, this is turning into a very cerebral way of looking at an offhanded comment. In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Queen Gertrude says, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" (3.2.230) in response to Hamlet's questions in regards to The Mousetrap, which seems to be the situation here but I am just making the point that the acid comment was just a frame of reference. No one needs to get bent out of shape for a drug reference. Everyone, just relax. Maybe you need to have a drink (of tea) or something. ;)

Meanwhile, over at the other ranch, Lisa is a war vet. She has all kinds of injuries from previous athletic endeavours so she can't be busting out in the runs (sorry, that was too good to resist) right away. But, damn that girl walks fast. She was lapping me just WALKING. But I guess, her legs are about a foot longer than mine.

The Newfie Bike Instructor tells us we are doing stairs. Jenny gets really excited at this. "I love stairs!" she proclaims. So we go to the stairs and all 30 or so of us run down the couple of flights of stairs and run back up. I make it once and then my knees make me look like a drunk Pinocchio. Yep, time to go for a walk.

Jenny and Mat both did great on the stairs. The war vet and I went for a walk. Well, she did a few laps more than I did. The rest of the club did great on the stairs, I assume. No ambulances were called, as far as I know. Maybe the bodies were left on the stairs.

The stretching at the end was hilarious. Jenny had to teach Mat and me because we are kind of backwards. The guy next to me and I were a little too close and we accidently touched hands during one stretch and he said, "Hey now, we don't know each other that well!"... UM, AWKWARD. Now, it's a party.

We call Brent 'Neil Armstrong aka Lance Armstrong'. Jenny said this first and she meant Lance but said Neil. So when he runs by at Mach 10, we say, "There goes Neil Armstrong, again!"

I was going to try to take a bath but I don't know if I will be able to get out of the bathtub. I've been known to fall asleep in there on a regular day, so I don't know if I want to purposely get in there on a day when I'm tired and possibly unable to get out. I've actually had to roll out of bed the last two days.

It hurts my intestines to cough or sneeze. Well, not 'hurt' but I'm afraid that if I do it too vigorously, something might strain. The muscles won't let me sneeze or cough well enough to get relief.

Is this normal?

Overall, tonight was hard, up until about 7:55. We started at 7:00. Sacred Heart of Jesus. No naked people, though. Re-lief!

AND SO.......
Dear readers, we are almost (ALMOST) one week through! That's almost one quarter of the way through our first goal!!! Yay!!

THANK YOU for reading A N D all for your GREAT comments & support - EVERY day we read them and laugh in enjoyment at your replies...... you have no idea how much your support means to us. We encourage each other but knowing that other people care so much about us means the world. Please keep commenting - we love it!
(** also, for a literary reference regarding 2nd person POV, please see below)


If I could draw hands and gloves on a computer, I would do it. Then I would draw the hands next to the gloves, showing that the GLOVES. ARE. OFF.


** Yeah, I can't resist... because kids have asked before: Second-person point of view, in which the author uses you and your, is rare; authors seldom speak directly to the reader. When you encounter this point of view, pay attention. Why? The author has made a daring choice, probably with a specific purpose in mind. Most times, second-person point of view draws the reader into the story, almost making the reader a participant in the action.
Read more:
I used 'dummies' because Jenny called me a 'dummy' in the beginning :) & because they are written by experts!

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