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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

I got wrapped up in a few things.

The Road to Home

Days of December

When I got back to Home #2, I decided: I'm going to be a better... everything.

The Snye in Fort McMurray

I didn't forget to write, I just wrote other things.

Keys to Life

I also cooked some things, made some things, baked some things, pinned some things on Pinterest, learned some things,

made this for my school site!

and took pictures of some things.

Tea, anyone?

I put some of those pictures on Instagram - this sweet little photosharing phone app. I like photoshopping stuff, and I just like looking at things in different ways, through different 'lenses' so to speak.

I like to make it new.

this is how I make it new, lol

You can see my photos on Followgram through my username, teresina7, and you can sign up for Instagram to do the same. It's fun.

Try it. You might like what you see. You might become a little photo-blogger...

Rainy Day Treasures


I dunno 'bout it.


"Everybody, everybody..." (just 'cause I like it new), "... kids, look at these crayons, I make ART!"

Be better at whatever it is you do.

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