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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whirlwinds & Hockey Sticks

Dear Life,

Generally, you are awesome.

However, at some point, you decided that this week needed to be 10x longer than any other week this year. This should have been discussed between us, first.

This is not me. It's all you. I'm just trying to straighten you out. You gotta get it together.

So, school's year-end is usually a flurry of happiness and excitement. I feel more like this is a wading pool of insane laughter, smiles and hugs.

It's time to crank it up a notch, little buddy.

Also, I fear that my hall neighbours might incite a full-on hockey stick riot if this does not happen. One might 'bust up a hockey stick' or something, and that would not do anything to discourage our little ones from trying to play the game in ELA class. This could become like last year's Cup riots... out.of.control.

So, you know, stay awesome, stay golden, stay good.

But let's get the whirlwind happening, shall we?

Summer '12, summer '12... woooo!

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