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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lazy As A Cut Dog

Over the past few days I wrote a few blog posts that I ended up saving in the drafts pile. I wrote more about the Occupy movement, I wrote a review on Aquila Theatre's Macbeth (which we had the good fortune to have here in Fort McMurray from NYC for a few days), and I got started on a couple of posts about haircuts and Christmas trees but I deleted them completely.

I'm lazy. I vomited out all these words, and now I don't want to go through even the basic editing so the post would be legible enough to read. Ever feel like that? "Lazy as a cut dog," as we Newfoundlanders would say.

So instead, I sit here eating grapes because I am currently cheating on the Chug Life diet, and I wonder what I am going to say in my review about J. Edgar.

I wonder what I will eat for dinner and supper tomorrow. I'm like my Poppy when I think about those things. Pop used to be eating supper and ask what we would have for breakfast the next day.

I think that's just smart 'planning ahead.'

I feel accomplished because I made chicken soup tonite. 4 hours sitting on the couch and I managed to watch a movie and a TV show, make a pot of soup, and played a few hands of Solitaire. And by a few, I mean a lot.

I didn't finish decorating my tree, I didn't wash my dishes, I didn't take out the garbage, I didn't clean up all the shopping bags, I didn't tidy the books... I didn't... I didn't... I didn't.

Whatever, it'll all be here tomorrow.

OH! You know what I did do? I got an email today.

The email read:

Can you take a look at this and give me feedback please and draft a script  (NO PROBLEM CUZ I AM SHAKESPEARE-A-RONI) for us? I think we have to cardboard cutout puppets because nobody can stop laughing long enough to get any words out.


Yeah, no problem... give feedback... draft a script... not a big difference there.

Obviously, I put all the letters in huge writing when I replied, and I added in the words in brackets.

That was from my cousin, who apparently thinks I am Shakespeare. So after calling and telling her that I'm not a playwright, I got down to business and wrote a script for her.

Any excuse to procrastinate from housework.

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