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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm so hungry, my stomach is making a blister on my backbone

So the Chug-a-Lug diet is tough, at times.

I'm from Newfoundland, and a staple food on our table is bread. White bread, to be exact. Hearty, carbohydrate-rich, fluffy, thick, white bread. When I was growing up, I liked bread, but I didn't crave it. I merely enjoyed having it, especially as toast with Tetley tea in the morning. Mmmmmm, good!

Well, since I became a Chug-a-Lugger,  I have been craving bread. I dream about it.

Abnormal? I think so.

Sugar was the initial bit of business that I had trouble with - giving up chocolate was tough. I have eaten less chocolate over the past two weeks than I usually had in 3 days previously.

Who am I kidding? I love food. I even eat things that I never ate when I was a kid. I figure I may be missing out on something wonderful, so I kept trying them in case someday they might grow on me. My reasoning is that eventually I, too, would understand the love of those things, whatever it was I didn't like at the time, such as turnips, rutabaga, cabbage and brussel sprouts. I still hate cooked raisins, celery and parsnip, though. Yuck.

Tell you what - if I ever truly want to lose all kinds of weight, I'm going into the woods for a month with nothing but squishy cooked raisins, celery and parsnip to eat. I'll come back looking like a damn skeleton because I will guarantee you that I would eat tree bark and grass before those items of "food" ever passed over these lips.

Anyway, back to the carbs & sugar... apparently carbs turn into sugar when you eat it, therefore bread transforms itself into sugar - no wonder I'm not worrying so much about the chocolate - I have bread! Wooo!

Chug-a-Lugging does not allow sugar or carbs, so I have a problem.

*dramatically leans back on the couch with hand over eyes* 

It's so tough.

So here I sit tonite, eating Lays crinkly plain chips with Philadelphia dill pickle dip and drinking a homemade Spicy Eggnog Latte.  How in the love of God can I take myself seriously?

My iPad is ready to go with Solitaire, while I sit here, watching the movie Inside Job on Netflix and spitting up words for the blog. Better than spitting up food, right?

Meanwhile, I still eat all my veggie meals on time and take my vitamins and eat the Chug-a-Lug pudding packs. The puddings, by the way, are fantastic. I love them, especially banana, lemon and vanilla. When frozen, they taste like pudding pops. Remember those?

Pudding Pops

Hellz, yeah. What could be wrong with that? Oh, I'll tell you. They make you hungry because the protein helps speed up your metabolism (or something). I don't understand it all. I just know that every two hours, I'm just about dying of starvation.

I get so hungry, my stomach makes a blister on my backbone from all the moving around and caving into my body.

And that's when I think about bread. I haven't thought about crackers in awhile. I think bread might be worse. Isn't it?

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  1. Pudding Pops! Whatever happened to those? They were awesome!


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