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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Pooper Dog

Jenny always brings out the best in Harley.

She bought a new little puppy this week, and she named her new little girlie dog 'Jax.'

Jax, the Jackapoo-py

Harley and I went to visit Jenny & Jax. "It'll be a nice visit," I thought, "Harley will get to meet a new little girlfriend!"

Yeah, well, Harley growled at Jax and then he ignored her.

Jax desperately tried to get his attention, even going to the extreme measures of throwing herself under his feet during the walk. She is two pounds; he is seven. It was more a battle of wills than anything.

But it was all to no avail - when she got close to him, he would walk directly over her, as if she were nothing but a snowflake under his freezing little paws.

When I forced him to stop and sit so she could get near him, he growled and twisted his little body away from her. He wouldn't even look at her.

Harley, the Maltese poopy dog

He would cry if I tried to make him pay attention. She cried when she couldn't get him to pay attention.

He is jealous. That was his Jenny, and now there is a squiggly, little wiggly body taking over and it's name is Jax. And she wants to play. She wants him to notice her.

So we brought them into the house after the walk, and Harley pooped. Because you know, that's what Harley does. He's earning a bad reputation for himself. His little feet were frozen outside so we brought him in, and while his paws thawed, so did his hind end. Of course, I was not thinking that he would have to poop because we just came inside. Why would Harley do that?

Oh, I dunno, because he's Harley.

Harley's thoughts:
1. Who is this little girl dog that keeps getting in my face?
2. Why aren't Mama and Jenny paying all the attention to me?
3. It's so cold.
4. What other dog?
5. I gotta poop.
6. Are there are any snacks?
7. Thanks for inviting us over!

Harley Barley

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  1. Jax is so much like Progdog (aka Pepsi) - my little Jackapoo, even down to the grey mohican! - Gorgeous


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