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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a-Swimmin'

Jenny, Lisa and I were supposed to go back to the gym tonite to start round 2 of our Try-Athleticism Jaunt. Tonite was Swim Night.

Ah, we missed it.

We didn't hear from Lisa. I fell asleep. I was pretty contrary because I was so tired. I didn't sleep well last night and this getting up early thing isn't really my cup of tea. I'm better with staying up all night and sleeping all morning. Jenny texted to say she wasn't going, either. I didn't know that until 8:30, when I woke up. 

We will improve. I'm grading us at Limited right now. That's about 20%. We had every intention of going, and we talked about it. So there was some effort but no follow-through.

I don't know if our hearts are in it this time around. We have to straighten this out.

Chicken wings, donuts and pizza > Tri-Club.

Actually, I still don't eat that many chicken wings, donuts or pizza. I eat more vegetables, fruits, tea, milk, cheese and chocolate than anything else.

During my nap this evening, I dreamed that one of my coworkers (a very unlikely one) was trying to hit me in the head with a raw steak after stealing said steak from me and laughing hysterically while doing it. I actually woke up from the strangeness of that dream. Crazy, because I don't eat steak very often, and my coworkers certainly haven't assaulted me with any. Yet.

All in all, rather than get upset about this whole situation, which maybe I should, I am not.

Instead, I will sit here, grading papers, and then writing blogs and chapter work for my own projects. I am ok with that. And eventually, I will wash the 3 bowls, 2 cups and glass that are in the sink. I also have to give Harley a bath.

Or maybe I could just take them all to the pool with me on Thursday and do everything at the same time.

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