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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Try-Athletes": our first anniversary

"Sometimes God calms the storm. At other times, he calms the sailor. And sometimes he makes us swim." ~Author Unknown

Sometimes working hard for something is fun. Sometimes it's a pain in the a$$. We are Trying to view this as necessary pain for hotness' sake.

Friday marked our One Week Try-Athlon Anniversary. We celebrated by spending 15 minutes together, with other friends, at the birthplace of Jenny's Master Plan. "We are fat and we are going to die of diabetes. It's time to get off the cheeseburgers and donuts."

The Details:
1. We were both exhausted and sick.
2. I could only be there for 15 minutes because I was going to get my hair done.
3. Jenny was having nachos with Mat.
4. Brent was not there during the time I was there.
5. Slane-dog was there.
6. It was freaking cold outside.
7. It was also the scene of our beautiful Destiny's going-away party.

We are going to miss our girl. She is going back to her family in Ontario but we hope she will come back to see us. Or maybe we will go visit her someday.

Slaney was at the Paddy's situation and we were discussing the Try business. He said he is proud of us, because the Tri Club is not an easy thing to do. We figure that compliment is pretty high - we have been receiving it a lot from many people... Thanks, everyone :)

Meanwhile, we also told everyone that eventually, we will be proud owners of the toughest vags on earth since the vag-busters will also give us callouses there.

Let's hear it for Vag Callouses!

Jenny & I intended to go to the Sat running session, because we had it in our heads that we are ready for high impact training. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA whatever 'bout it. Knee poppers all around.

We didn't go to the running session. I figured I would run one lap and end up looking Pinocchio with a drunken puppeteer pulling my strings. I'm sick and I can barely breathe... I'm pretty sure my lungs are half full of mucous and at least one quarter full of chlorine. Jenny also decided not to go because she could barely breathe - her throat is raw.

There is only one explanation: we are allergic to exercise.

What else could these illnesses be?

Anyway, Lisa is the one who talked us out of going. She said taking another day off would probably benefit us because we are not ready for high impact training and our bodies need to rest and recover. Lisa is SMART. Who are we to argue with the Voice Of Reason? Ummm, hello? Nobody!

Meanwhile, at the MacIsland Ranch today, Brent said that the run was a 1 mile, run-as-fast-as-you-can-trial run today. Whatever, Jenny and I would have killed it. Like, blasted the sh!t out of that run. They would have had to call the paramedics, but we had a whole hour to run a mile! Some people probably ran it in a couple of minutes but the track was booked for an hour. We had time. I would have had to pull over and take a nap, but we had AN HOUR. I would have paced myself. Run for a minute, nap for a bit. Or I wonder could we have done it like one of those races where you run and then tag a person to run the next bit for you? Next time (oh wait a minute, next time is Sat... well, when we go...) we will do great!

Anyway, Brent told us that Nancy did a great job... way to go, Nancy!!!!! YAY!!! We are VERY proud of you!!

Lisa has also decided to come to Adult Swim Lessons on Tuesday. This will be fun. She asked if the pool will be over 6' deep. Well, I'm not sure if the whole thing is, but part of it is, at least the part that I've been swimming in. We will have to check that out. There is a life guard, though, and an Adult Swim Instructor, and a Swim Coach Soldier. If you can swim, you are good.

Jenny and I are getting up before the crack of dawn tomorrow to go swimming again. I have practice to do. Pepsi, Cola, Seven Up. I have to be ready for Alanna on Tue. Hopefully I don't fall asleep in the pool. I see the swimming pool as a beautiful, comfortable blanket of warmth... all snuggles and lapping waves of stress relief except for the inevitable snot and possible hepatitis and herpes floating around.

It's all good. Welcome to the pool.

All this is happening at 8am. Brent says the lane is lengthened to 50m tomorrow, not the usual 25m. We are going to swim next to the wall... that's our big plan for tomorrow. Pepsi, Cola, Seven Up. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

We signed our paperwork and paid our fees to the head honcho, aka Brent, on Friday. Jenny signed the envelopes, 'Jenny & Terri's Fat Camp Money'. Next year's fees will be aptly titled 'Jenny & Terri's Hotness Camp Money'. Just sayin'.

Do you know that 3 chicken wings are 9 points on the Weight Watchers point system? Who in the world came up with that system? They are liars. Chickens are not that fat. They need to start the triathlon club.

We are looking for a theme song next. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Have a good Sunday :)

* On Fri, at our fantastic PD session, which was made possible by Amy-Lyn, Jenny decided to add her art skills to our web chart. Her self-portrait was Beauty Jenny, mine was Hamburglar TeriLyn and Lisa's was FrankaLisa. Apparently Jenny's art teacher back in the day told her to look at people's faces and draw them as whatever shapes she saw. Well I apparently look like a hamburger - round. Lisa looks like a square. And Jenny looks like a movie star. Jenny also needs no decorations around her except stars. I needed my little dog, which Jenny did a geat job of drawing - he looked fantastic. And Lisa needed a computer, a book and a cup of tea. Anyway, Lisa's squareness made her look like Frankenstein. Hence, FrankaLisa. And while Jenny is telling me to get off the cheeseburgers, I look like a burger to her. I'm starting to feel like that old cartoon where the characters look like hotdogs & hamburgers to each other.

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