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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Try-Athletes"... day 2: first day of swimming

Today is our first swimming day. We haven't been swimming yet, but it's already been eventful. First, we have recruited 3 new members for the club. We have convinced Kirsten, Lisa and JoAnn to join us in being 'Try-Athletes'. Everyone has their own reasons, but whatever, NOW it's a party :)

Jenny had a cheeseburger for lunch.

I had spicy tuna and bread and a chocolate bar.

I have also decided that I am not giving up chicken wings and nachos. If I am doing all of this, I am still eating good stuff. I am also still eating my dessert first. If I die during a meal, I don't want to get to Heaven and find out my dessert is still on the table. That will pi$$ me off.

Jenny, Kirsten and I went shopping for bathing suits after school. This was an adventure unto itself. Talk about vagina-busters. You can't get a bathing suit that is too-small because it cuts off circulation both to your legs and to your vaginal area. Seriously, WTF?

We tried these suits on as quickly as possible. I intend to fly from the dressing room to the pool anyway, not strut out like a peacock and then do a Marilyn Monroe pose before I slide gracefully into the water. It'll be more like a blinding flash of white streaking straight to the water.

Jenny decided that it was time to do 'So You Think You Can Dance'. In bathing suits, in the dressing room area. You could hear us laughing right out into the store, and the lady came back to tell us so. After lots of time trying everything on, she decided nothing there was right. Off to the next place. There, Kirsten found a suit and Jenny found what she needed, too. We all found other swimming paraphernalia, and got geared up. By this time, we figured we better get our arses home so we could get ready to come downtown to go swimming.

* I'm editing the first note to read that the ladies at school who are our inspiration are not only healthier than us but are HOTTER. They wanted me to ensure that Jenny's words were recorded correctly. Please accept my apologies LOL.

We figure that there are enough of us (5 now) that we are accountable to each other. Regardless, we have the 4 week challenge at first. After that, we will move onto another challenge.

Swimming update to follow in a couple of hours, if I can lift my arms to type.

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