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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check, 1 2 3

Some of the names in the facebook Check In lists are pretty creative, which is why you want to come up with something good and memorable. I told my cousin that the ultimate Check In would be something no one could really top. We figured something out.

I'm leaving her my passwords for everything, so when I die, she is going to check in for me at the following places: the morgue, the cemetary and later, an undisclosed location.

C'mon! That's funny.

Today, a fellow blogger messaged me on Twitter and asked if it would be ok to add my blog to their blog roll. Essentially, if someone visits their page, they might also happen upon my blog. 

That blogger said I was funny. Well, at first I wasn't sure if this was sarcasm (it's so hard to tell tone in print, in 140 characters or less). But I took it at face value. To some, I am funny. To others, I am funny looking. It all evens out in the wash.

Humour is so subjective. I like all kinds of humour: highbrow, lowbrow, toilet, dark, whatever. If it's relatively funny, I'll laugh at it. Sometimes I laugh on the inside and forget to tell my face that I am laughing so I don't look amused but really I am delighted. I laugh so much, my 'friends' once said I looked like Harvey Kneeslapper, from Sesame Street.

My cousin and I spend some time drinking wine and chatting in her backyard. We have dubbed her backyard 'Cornwall Heights' because it is active and has lots of kids running around and lots of Newfoundlanders there. Cornwall Heights is the name of the place where our uncle and his family lived when we were young. There were always a ton of kids on his street and it was always busy. So on facebook Check In, I titled her house "Cornwall Heights, the Backyard." When we are there, I check in for all of us.

Which brought us to our little Check In business, above.

We decided to tell her daughter because she is a young teenager and doesn't like to talk about death, so we wanted to break this news gently so it doesn't come as a surprise. So I just told her - and I said that I didn't want her to get mad at her mom for it (in addition, this note means no one should get mad at her, either LOL), to which Schnort promptly replied that she would kill her mom if she did something like that, and then she would check her mom into those places right alongside me. So much for nervousness! :D

“...If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything...” ~ Marilyn Monroe

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