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Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Shenanigans

It's been just over a year, about 54 weeks, since I started this blog. I started the blog as a 'joke diary' - a way to keep track of all the funny things that happened to me and my friends as we became healthier during our journey through TriClub.

Well, our journey through TriClub lasted about 4 months and we were awesome at it. We did everything we could and had a great time. But work commitments became a little too much and then we didn't go back. Then summer happened, and we didn't go back.

Procrastination, "I'll do it later!" sets in.

My, how time flies; and 'later' never really gets here.

So, as Jenny put it, "We are fat and we are gonna die because we eat too many cheeseburgers and chicken wings and pizza."

I assume that is true and is still going to happen. My intake of the latter two items has been the same but I still don't eat cheeseburgers. I tried to have one today and they are just not my thing.

We did not only TriClub but we also tried the Ideal Protein diet. We didn't succeed at that; it wasn't the right choice for us. We didn't think we were fussy but apparently we are - if it doesn't taste like pizza and wings, we don't want it, I guess! Meanwhile, that food plan has worked wonders for many people!

So, we have success: in just over a year, we made great progress: we found what worked and what didn't work for us. There were a few other things we wanted to try but never really got around to them. Those plans are for another day / year.

I don't know what shenanigans we will get into this year. It's still early. There is no rush.

We are throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into our jobs hardcore and we are making serious progress, despite one student telling Jenny that she is 'softer than a bag of puppies.' My students tell me I make them write too much. God forbid you should have to write in English class!

Life is too short not to laugh, not to have fun, not to enjoy the day.

Misery breeds misery, doesn't it? In 54 weeks, we found that to be true. Get it out, and move on.

So... worry about the good stuff too much?

Nah, enjoy it all in moderation!

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