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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jeepers, Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Squeakers?

I lost my mind before about Harley's toys, especially the rubber squeaky ones. He doesn't have many toys.

Harley's toybox

The squeaky rubber ones always manage to get under my bare feet and get snaggled up, somehow. Then I have squishy rubber squeaking on bare feet, and the constant squeak noise drives me nuts. Meanwhile, the toys are usually bulky, so I always slip on them and nearly crash into walls or fall to the floor.

At times, this also causes some toe problems, which causes me to lie down for awhile from stress.

Between him running around gleefully stomping on the squeakers to make noise, and me inadvertently stomping on them, it's just too much.

I took one of the worst offenders - the yellow one - and took out his squeaker.

His lookalike friend, the green one, is still going strong. I hate his little squeaky guts. Harley loves him.

look closely, see the squeakster

Harley loves all the smelly, noisy things.

But seriously, look at that toybox ^ . Over half of the toys, despite being covered in cloth, are noisy. A limb, the face, or the entire thing squeaks. Once, I walked on a toy, nearly fell, tried to recover and in the process almost walked on Harley, and HE squeaked!


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