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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Try-Athletes": Catching Up

1. I didn't go to Spin last night because I was lazy.

I am falling down on the job, here, folks.

2. I didn't go to Swim tonite because (a) I was lazy and (b) I have a lot of marking to do for report cards.

I also didn't get the marking done. I could say I did a bit, but I didn't. I procrastinated. I have a double Ph.D. in Sarcasm and Procrastination, which doesn't bode well for my personality or my future success rate.

So not only am I falling down on the job, I am also lazy. But at least I am not a liar (as I said, I could have lied, but I didn't).

All night, I watched movies (Big Stan and How to Marry a Millionaire), read stuff, and played games on facebook.

This is not good for my career, social life or eyeballs.

So then I checked out my blog, to see what I could write about:

1. 4 Week Food Challenge: I forgot about this. I don't know if Jenny did. To be totally honest, I ate better before I started into the Tri-Club business. My bloodwork shows that my innards are doing well, or were as of last month.

2. We didn't make it to Red Deer to see RENT.

3. We did see Hunchback and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.

4. We didn't make any other challenges for ourselves.

5. The show (Back to the 80s, Keyano Theatre, June 2, 3, 4 @ 7pm) is getting hectic now. We are building our set & rehearsing. We are Jacks & Jills of All Trades again.

6. My dog is a savage, pretty much.

7. Report card marks are due this week.

8. I think my next challenge will be to spell the word 'challenge' properly the first time, and not 'challenege' everytime.

9. My next challenge (dang it, did it again) will be to swim at least 1km every time I go to Swim.

10. Another challenge (GRRR) will be to pick up running more and more.

11. This running business will be AFTER I go back to Spin, of course. I have missed 2 classes in a row.

Sincerely yours,

Lazy Buns

Lazy Buns, Ph.D.

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