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Sunday, March 20, 2011

PD: aSS :) Chapter 3

PD: aSS Chapter 3... the real chapter 3

Thank you, Jason, for pointing out the Chapter problem... I, too, wondered what I did with Chapter 2. It is fixed. Yesterday's Chapter 3 is today's Chapter 2.

Ok, today, while I did not get to make a pipe or weld anything, I did do some cool stuff. Ok, that is a lie. It was not cool. Cool is not near what I mean.

First, I was roasting. I actually started to melt. I was running in little rivers down my own body. I was afraid to look in the mirror in case everything was dripping downwards like candle wax... I thought I might have Quasimodo's facial structure or something...

Second, pipefitting was explained to me. It does not actually seem that difficult but there is a lot to learn to be able to do the things that the guys were doing today. The guys were modelling (not as in Cosmo modelling, now, more like teacher modelling) both fitting and welding for me and it was cool - I really want to be able to do that stuff. While not *cool* per se, it definitely is a challenge and fun!

Did I mention that it was a scatter bit hot today? Yeah, crazy or what. It was hot. I don't have a large enough vocabulary to explain the HOT feelings to you.

I have learned that I am a visual and tactile learner. I need to see stuff and be able to get my hands on it in order to understand it.

OK, to be honest, I am beat to a snot. I lugged a lot of pipe today. Well, I am lying. It was not a lot but it was some. More than I usually lug around, I tell ya. I don't usually pick up pipe and carry it anywhere for any reason. I don't usually do anything that I don't have to do. I only breathe and blink because my body does it on its own. I did a lot today, though.

I got nothing funny. I am sure funny stuff happened, or at least I could spin it up funny style but I am kind of tired from all the melting and lugging today.

The guys there are great.

Last day of first set tomorrow! It is supposed to hit 37. Thirty-seven. Did I mention that funnel clouds touched down in Thickwood and Timberlea yesterday? Yes, they did. I kid you not. FUNNEL CLOUDS as in TORNADO.

My friend, Justin, mentioned that he taught in Korea and sometimes the low was 38. I am currently sighing and whining and moaning a the same time. Not a pretty noise. I can't think of anything besides how hot it is.

Ok people, I.O.U. 1 funny story.

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