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Sunday, March 20, 2011

PD: aSS :) Chapter 1

So, day 1...

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. I was prepared for anything - computer work, physical work, whatever. Got up early (so difficult), got ready and immediately started sweating like Elvis in 1969 because it was SO HOT even at 6AM this morning. Hot is an understatement. In fact, I do not fear Hell because I know it would just be an average FM summer day...

Things I learned today:

1. I seriously LOVE my black Cat boots. Heavy, yes. Expensive, yes. Comfortable, yes. OK for numerous hours on the feet - absolutely.

2. I work four-tens (Mon. - Thur.) every week - so every weekend is a long weekend. Yeah, I said it. And it continues even into Sept. and beyond. I am seriously looking forward to camping in Sept.

3. Pipefitting is thisclose to plumbing. On my days off, after I get the basics under control, I could open a plumbing business. Can we say LU-CRA-TIVE? I'm going to be bigger than Elvis.

4. I *really* want to weld something to something else.

5. My mentor is from the community next-door to mine back home in NL. No kidding. I am hoping there are no residual inter-community bad-blood, so to speak. :) I get to meet him tomorrow.
6. My trainer guy was a good laugh. Good stories. We even had tea. Fun times.

7. It is seriously HOT out there. And I spent most of the day inside.

8. I can wear jogging pants to work. Or shorts. In the heat, under those cover-alls, I may be wearing a bikini. But no one would ever know. Beauty.

9. Syncrude gave me a lot of gear to get started. I have a lot of blue items in my wardrobe now. Blue goes with black - hence the black boots. However, I also have a strange-old-wheat-kind-of-coloured coveralls so it is probably a good thing that I bought brown boots too. I am prepared.

10. I am more competitive than I ever thought. He listed a bunch of courses to do to make me a better tradesperson. I wanted to do them all today.

11. I am glad I am doing this. That could change (if I don't get to weld anything). :)

:) not too shabby, not too shabby at all :)

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