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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Try-Athletes": Back in Business

I went back to Try-Club tonite. I am ridiculous - I took 3 nights off and there was really no need. But tonite, I got back on the bike.

There was a bit of an acid trip tonite, but the instructor broke up the bike time so we would just get around to sailing away when it was time to get off the bike and get on the track.

We have had a different instructor since last Thursday because Holly is off gallavanting around the world. Our current instructor is a cutie named Miguel who we thought was angry with us at first because we weren't running but everything got settled out later.

Lisa did a bit of running tonite. I'm not feeling the running. My knees aren't ready for it. My knees hurt on the bikes sometimes. And really, I could run, and if I hurt my knees, then I have knee problems and that would really p!ss me off because then I will have that forever. So when I am ready to run, I will.

Until then, I will walk.

As we said tonite, we started this Try business around Jan 23. It is March 23. We have done this for about 2 months. We can't do everything, but we are doing pretty damn good - much better than we were doing a few months ago. Hell, yeah.

Once the Tri crew started on the stairs, Jenny and I kept going on the track. We didn't notice that they were stretching and doing core stuff until they were about halfway through it, so we just kept walking because we figured that we didn't do the stairs so we probably should keep doing some type of exercise to keep us actually moving.

When we were leaving, we say a couple of our students in the entranceway, and in saying hi, Jenny yelled "hi" in the most manic way possible, so much so that she frightened the life out of me and Lisa, not to mention the kids. I actually saw the word come out of her mouth like a big colourful rainbow "HI!" and she moved like a Muppet while she said it. Jenny's voice hit decibels so high that it could splinter crystal into thousands of tiny shards, and on their way down to the earth those splinters could catch rays of light and make thousands of glittering rainbows. That's what I saw when Jenny yelled her manic "HI!" at those kids.

PS: Jenny went to swimming last night and the Swim dude told her she is doing great and invited her to come back to the Swim lanes. The real ones. Yay Jenny! Meanwhile, she wants to stay with us so she can learn some more stuff from Alanna.

PPS: One of the REAL Tri-Club dudes wants to join us Special Try-Club girls to learn some swim stuff. HOW COOL IS THAT?? That is awesome. We are a spinoff, now. Like a sitcom.


And as my Compton kids would say to me last semester, Say Word.


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