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Monday, February 21, 2011

"Try-Athletes": Commitment, The Lack Thereof

It's been nearly a week since we were on the Try circuit. We are slackers. We are missing another Spin workout tonite, in an effort to maximize our healing time. We are back on the clippety-clop horse tomorrow just in time to immerse ourselves in liquid for Swim night.

Weddings & Commitment

However, we have taken part in other adventures. In one of Jenny's classes, she teaches the seriousness and importance of commitment and marriage. Students choose to make commitments like marriage to each other, and so we did that in her class. We researched and staged weddings so students could participate to show their understanding of the concept. They seemed to have a lot of fun and they took it very seriously. They planned the day, bought decorations, came in after school to decorate, bought food for the wedding feast, wrote vows, brought music, dressed up, and invited guests. Jenny dressed as Estelle, the organ player and Reader for the Ceremony. I was the Priestess, Mother Teresina.

The organ player, Estelle wore a sparkly sequined silver top with a pink, sequined & fringed cowboy skirt with argyle socks, topped by a lavender sweater held together at the neck with a string of pearls. Her trademark hat, a gold and pinkish-lavender affair, perched jauntily atop her head. She organized the multiple ceremonies efficiently and with ease. The various grooms and wives were dressed in everything from formal attire to casual clothes to skiwear, which highlighted their personalities. Their vows further showed their personalities as some were written in verse, some with lines garnered from popular songs and some with sentiments from their hearts. The Priestess wore a costume of white and maroon, lined with gold. She entered the Chapel of Love, Our Lady of the Woods, also wearing a Queenly robe of purple adorned with white fur and gold brooches, as she said she was from the Kingdom of Heaven.

The wedding feast was a modern potluck, with cakes and pizza and treats of all types being brought by the wedding participants. After the ceremonies were completed (with only one objection being made from a guest whose opinion regarding the fickleness of teen commitment - 'modern day Romeos' - was heard but this guest was also then quickly ushered out), guests were encouraged to 'dig in' and gorge themselves upon the food to celebrate the commitments that had been made. The day was a beautiful success. All in all, if you need a Wedding Planner, call Estelle.

... Back at the Ranch

Saturday was a Catch-up With Old Friends Day. It was also a Stay Home and Research Everything Under The Sun kind of Day. Jenny and I have discovered that we are, and always have been, Nerds. Capital-N Nerds. So much so that when we can't sleep, we read and/or 'research' something and by research, we mean get on the internet and read everything we can about something. For example, if Jenny was watching a movie, she would get on the internet and read everything she could about an actor or the director or whatever. Some people might call this Minor Stalking, but we call this research. When we were younger, we would read encyclopedias or other such books because we lived in the woods with no internet. You can imagine what a blessing the internet is to stalkers, oops, I mean researchers, like us.

So, for me at least, I should have been napping on Saturday afternoon, but between working on the show, catching up with facebook and facebook games like Cityville, writing blogs and then all the researching, I didn't have time for a nap. And time goes by pretty quickly when you have all that work to do. If only I could focus on real stuff like that, I would get so much done. Meanwhile, by the time 9PM rolls around, my eyeballs are rolling around in my head from sheer exhaustion. I have two bookshelves of books that I don't have time to read because I am too busy researching and playing games on the internet to get any reading done. And Jenny did the same when she was sick on Saturday - watched movies and read stuff. Beyonce may be Bootylicious but we are cornering the market on Nerd-ilicious.

Sunday was Stir Crazy Day. It was nice to be off but when you don't get to do anything, it gets old fast. So during the night, we went out for chicken wings and traded stories about growing up in the woods. Those were good times for sure. It's really no wonder we like to dress up and play games and pretend (ie Theatre) - what else was there to do back in the woods? There were no cineplexes or arcades or skateparks, and there were certainly no themeparks.

There were trees and oceans and family and 'up the road' and 'down the road' and 'in town' maybe a movie and once in a while, traveling circuses. I guess we could have joined the circus. Nah, instead, we got ourselves some educations and make circuses wherever we go.

& The Lack Thereof

Today, Monday, was a lazy day again. We have taken almost a week off. We took almost a week off of our 4 Week Food Challenge, too, in terms of '6 Clean & 1 Cheat'. It's more like we have been clean sometimes every day. Whatever, we'll get back on the wagon tomorrow for exercise, and tonight for the clean eating business.

Our Sa-Thletes (Satellite "Try-Athletes") haven't been in touch for awhile so we hope they are doing better than we are.

Fall #1 - check

It's what we do. This would be no fun if we were successful all the time, right?

Tomorrow, we are back to racing around breathlessly, insulting each other, stripping, violating others, stalking, drowning, AWOL drawers, foggles that give us black eyes, trying to swim 25m repeatedly and other general chaos. We are looking forward to every second of it.

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