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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Try-Athletes": Air Supply

"You need to swim with your head in the water."
"I'm drowning."
"Put your head in the water."
"Hang on... I'm drowning."
"Keep your head down."
"Wait a sec, I need some air."
"Swim, for Christ's sake."
"What is wrong with me? Why can't I get this breathing thing right? How frigging hard is it to breathe??"

I went to the hospital today. I was given antibiotics for a lung infection.

I thought it would be fitting to write this:
'... I'm all out of air, I'm up a creek in deep sh!t
I knew I was right, couldn't breathe for so long
I'm all out of air, can't live without it
Figured I may as well just bust out in a song...'

check out the original by the masters

and because it really hurts...
'... Lungs hurt, lungs marred, lung wounds and scars
Any lung not tough or strong enough
To take a lot of pain, to take a lot of pain
Breath is like a cloud, I just gotta train
Lungs hurt, ooh, ooh lungs hurt...
I know that it's true, this is nothing new
Infections make you cry & make your lips turn blue
Lungs hurt, ooh, ooh lungs hurt
Ooh, ooh lungs hurt...'

and the original by the masters is here

If our bodies are about 70% water, I might be running at about 72% right now. I need to get a little balancing act happening: a little more air and a little less water in the air sacs.

I need to eat all these pills as fast as I can so I can work out on the Try-Athlete business more. Can't be a Try-Athlete with this busted lung business. Jenny busts her pants, I bust a lung. HA.

The question is: do I go swimming tomorrow? Immerse myself in a little liquid?

Lisa - you are the smart one. Tell me, o wise sage. Will working out help the situation? Exercise = help or hinder right now?

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