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Monday, April 4, 2011

"Try-Athletes": A Bad Influence

Anyone who knows me well knows that I sometimes get a song in my head and I just can't let it go... well, there are a whole bunch of songs by Rihanna that are on repeat in my head. When I was in university, I had a couple of friends who used to make a joke out of walking into a room with one of them beatboxing and the other just saying his name and introducing the beatboxer as his 'theme music'... well, I feel like Rihanna's music is my theme music. So whenever I hop into my vehicle to go somewhere, or turn on my iPod, inevitably, Rihanna is wailing in my ears... 'Disturbia'... 'Only Girl (In The World)'... 'Umbrella'... 'Rockstar 101'... 'S&M'... 'Breakin' Dishes'... 'Don't Stop The Music'... I can't stop listening...

Anyway, the point is that I think everyone needs something to get them amped up, something to get them going. And wild music does it for me. So on the way to Spin tonite, up went the volume.

When I got there, Jenny and Lisa didn't make it so I was a bit worried that I would get lonely but Brent and Nancy were there so it was good. We chatted for quite a bit, and finally got around to Spinning faster when Miguel turned up the music to drown us out. We had been on the bikes since about 6:40, warming up, but now we really got down to business.

We were hardly on the bikes for any time - seriously, approximately 14 minutes - when Miguel made us go for a run. Seriously. Well, I went for a lap, then I walked a lap, then I tried to run another lap and made it barely halfway and I just about died so I had to walk the rest of the way, then I walked the next lap, then I found I couldn't make my legs really run so I had to walk for a bit, then run for a bit, then walk the rest of the way. So it was kind of a write off in terms of running for me, but that is how it goes. I'm not really a runner yet.

I'm a big girl. I can't go busting up my sh!t just yet, I got to ease into it. I know you might be laughing and thinking I am screwing around, but I assure you, I am not. If I could bust out the runs (hahahaha), then I would and just be done with it, trust me. Just running would be a hell of a lot easier than all this 'trying to run' business.

Meanwhile, during one of the on again / off again laps, I went to my bike to get some water and Miguel kind of glared at me, so I told him to Settle Down. I also said I Was Doing It, And I Just Needed Some Water. He just laughed, and I think we were ok after that.

We went to do core for a bit and that went ok, only we were all dying of strain. If we put half so much strain into the core workout as was on our faces, we would be doing great!

So we all got back on the bikes again, and we did some more riding. Then, we were all supposed to run again, but I stayed on my bike and rode my little heart out. I figured, there was no point in getting my heart rate down by just walking around the track so I kept given'er on the bike. Then, Miguel gets all excited and tells everyone to go with him on an adventure. Well, I am suspicious of this wonderful sounding adventure, and so are some of the others so we don't go. One of the other girls, one I have known for years, tells me she went on this particular running adventure before and couldn't keep up and so ended up lost.

Yeah, you guys go on ahead. I'll wait here.

So they ran all over the place at MacIsland. Then, they came back upstairs, and he was all excited again, getting us to come down to the core workout place. Nancy and I were nearly there when he and the others took off down the stairs. Yeah, when he was gone, we turned around and walked back to the bikes again.

I was half afraid he was going to come grab us and throw us down the stairs but we were ok. We made it back without incident.

Eventually, they came back and he made us all 'go for a run' again. I use the quotation marks because Nancy and I walked around the track. I am a bad influence on people. People walk when they are with me.

We chatted about the productions we are doing. I am excited to see her show. I am excited to get ours onstage.

When we got to the core workout place, all we did was laugh because Nancy said we looked like beached whales during one of the exercises. We were a write-off after that. We finished up the exercises, stretched and called it a night.

On the way back, I cranked the tunes. Nothing like driving with your music so loud that you can't think straight.

Meanwhile, check out Rihanna's video: just because it's new and awesome. Artsy! Risque!


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