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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Try-Athletes": Rock, Paper, Scissors

I got lucky tonite.
Or so Miguel said.
I won against him in a game of RPS. He suggested it, so there can be no complaints. We started warming up on the bikes and before a few minutes had passed, he was setting us out to run, which I refused. So we had a stand-off.
I am pretty good at confrontation, but he suggested RPS pretty quickly, and then that ended after some tense moments. I love negotiations, especially when we can get through them like this. This was a good call. Darcy suggested Best 2 Out Of 3 but he had wandered off and I told her to "Shhhh!" by that point.
There was no going back on the RPS win.
However, Kash and Lisa got on the track and got going. They did really well. Kash ran 13 laps altogether before she came back to the bike. Kash was terrified that Miguel was going to tell her off every time he walked by but she survived the 'ordeal' as I shall call it. She says she is not good with confrontation, and as it seems, confrontation to her is him asking how she is doing or him checking the gear on her bike.
L'avatar aka Lisa's facebook status reads that she "... jogged 14 laps (we were supposed to do 21) but cycled 10 Keiser units in 18.46. Now if only she could swim a lap without 1/2 drowning she'd have this whole triathlon thing on the go."

She is doing a great job, AND she sounds a bit like a Newfoundlander. She is developing a 'Newfie' voice in her writing - haha.
While they did all this running around, I kept working on the old cardio on the bike. I figure I may as well do that rather than just walk around, run a lap, walk around, run half a lap, etc... I may be fooling myself but when I feel the running, I'll do it. Until then, I won't. And I don't really know why I am justifying myself, because I don't need to. So bugger off. How about that?
I told Miguel I am lazy. He said I wasn't, and that I am just hard on myself. He said that lazy people just wouldn't come to Tri Club. Well, let me assure you, Readers of this Blog, I am Lazy. Make no mistake about it, I am lazy. I have stayed home from Try out of sheer laziness or exhaustion, I'm not sure which. Some people might work through their exhaustion - not me! I just go to sleep!
So all you dear Readers, do not make the mistake of running around thinking that I am all energetic and the opposite of lazy... I will take the Lazy Road if I can. And you probably would, too. Unless you are the Ironman or the affiliates of the Ironman.
After all the real Triathletes ran their hearts out, they came back to the bikes. Some of them got back on to wait for others in the meantime. After a bit of pedaling, we then started some core workout stuff. And by 'some', I mean even Brent was complaining a little bit. And if the Ironman is saying he is done, well then, we are all done.
I don't mess with the Ironman.
And I don't remember to count anything so if someone says I am finished, well then, I am finished. Or if I die of exhaustion first, then so be it. We had to do a hundred of this, and some of that. Some of the things I hadn't even heard of. Whatever 'bout it.
And sometimes I take a nap in between exercises. But I do like the Core exercises, even though they are tough.
I need to work out early in the morning. This 'going to work out before bedtime' is pretty crazy business. I'm exhausted, after working all day and volunteering for 800 hours, and then visiting my dog, trying to get a bite to eat and THEN going to work out. That is ridiculous. Half the time, I'm trying to eat a peanut butter sandwich, banana or energy bar while I am driving to MacIsland. This isn't healthy. Then I come home and eat cereal. I am on a Skeletor diet; I am going to die of starvation here. And after working out at nearly midnight, I'm awake until 2am.
PS: I do not exaggerate at all. Not one bit.
OK - PPS - I went back and reread this - I didn't exaggerate anything except the '800 hours' in this previous paragraph. All the rest is true.
On the way out, Darcy and I talked about this blog. She said she laughs at it because it's a no-holds-barred kind of deal. Yeah, when you hang out with me at Try, that's kind of the way I roll. If you say, "Don't put that in the blog!" I probably won't but I don't hold much back about myself. Jenny doesn't hold much back, either. We don't really care. We think you need to see the down and dirty, farty, smelly socks, sweaty armpits, vomity lips, starving stomachs, acid trippy eyes and all the rest of it that we are going through in our quest to get healthy. If you get it in your head to do this, then you need to know this is not all daisies and rainbows and unicorns. This is a 'no time to yourself, pants stuck in the crack of your arse, boobs sweaty in the middle, itchy all over from sweat, runny nose from overheating, you probably won't lose weight but your fat will migrate all around' kind of good time.
It's a dirty process. Whatever, 'nothing good comes easy', or so the saying goes.
I took my 7lb white-furry dog on a walk through the cleanest part of the parking lot today. He trotted around like a little horse. I think he thought he won the lottery. He is being a better boy over the last couple of days. I'm sure he isn't on his best behaviour. He probably just hasn't found anything to get into.
Anyway, summer is coming!

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