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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too Cool...

By lunchtime yesterday, Harley had parameters on him like never before.

He had the hair in his ears plucked, his toenails cut, he was microchipped and signed up for obedience school.

He hadn't even had his breakfast yet.

Truth be told, all of these things are for his own good. The first two things, the ears and nails, have been done repeatedly throughout his life and he is used to them. Obviously, they are for his health and comfort.

The microchipping and school are also for his health and comfort. You see, Harley is a little Houdini escape artist. I don't want him to escape and become someone else's new pet or brand new roadkill, so these were steps I needed to take to prevent those things.

Microchipping reminds me a little of a futuristic identification system because the very thought of doing that to a human is so alien. However, sticking a piece of foreign matter into an animal is commonplace if we want him returned to his rightful owner. But, I suppose, pawprinting is probably not so great a time for anyone involved.

While waiting at the vet clinic, we happened upon a great find: two little shirts with Harley's name written all over them. One of them addressed obedience school:

and I think it sums up his personality nicely. It would also do a bang-up job of describing mine if it started with "KINDA DESPERATE..." rather than "TOO COOL..." but it'll have to do.

But, no kidding, this needs to work for us. I want him to listen to me when I speak and I don't want to be yelling at him. We need to be civilized.

We have to get our lives straightened out. I'm lazy and he is insubordinate.

Hopefully the teacher there is strong-willed. She needs to get us in line.

Plus, we're both oppositional defiant. Sheesh.

I wish I had a shirt like that, too. We could wear them to class together.

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