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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lazybug's Naptime


1. I was woken by the city to move my vehicle from the driveway to the street so they could access the driveway to fix it

2. I wasted a blender-full of shake across my cupboard - what a dang-blasted mess of milk, yogurt and oatmeal that was

3. I had students tell me they did not do their term projects because they didn't think I was serious when I assigned it (hmmm...)

4. I came home to find both ends of the street being utilized by the city so I had to park in a field, the same as last year, and then became Fred Penner / Batman again
(the whole street has to do this, so the 'woe is me' attitude can only hold out so long)

5. I have 31 tests and 51 essays to grade, which I would like to finish before Thursday night (i.e. tomorrow).

6. I don't want to walk to the doggie-playland to hang-out, so Harley and I are going to be lazybugs and stay here.

It's going to be a long evening.

Now, nap-time. 

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