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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I intended to celebrate my ten-year anniversary in Fort McMurray.

I missed it.

I get my 'milestone events' mixed up. Y'see, I moved here in Jan '02. I started work in the Catholic district approximately Feb/Mar '02. I started working at Merc in Oct '02. I started my full-time teaching position at Merc in Feb '03.

So my ten-year anniversary at Merc as a full-time teacher is in Feb '13 (I think?) but I was thinking all of those events happened at exactly the same time. D'uh. Good thing I'm not a Math teacher.

So I missed the Jan '12 and Feb/Mar '12 anniversaries. I have one coming up in Oct, though. Hopefully I can remember it - but no promises.

So, I missed two important dates. Actually, if you have read previous entries, you might remember that I miss important events all the time - I just don't remember to remember them ('forget' sounds so negative). Not intentionally, mind you. It's just that if I am not actively thinking about it, I don't remember it.

Whatever. Facebook keeps a little ongoing list of birthdays. My cell keeps phone numbers. It's the advent of technology that has caused my memory problems.

Otherwise, I would have remembered how long I have been in the Fort. I was going to have a celebratory dinner or something. Maybe watch a movie. Y'know, go all-out.

So, I am a ten-year veteran. Woohoo! Where has the time gone?

Or, maybe my Math is wrong. Is it still 2012?


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