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Monday, May 7, 2012

Dog-Park Adventures 1

Harley is not ugly.

When we went to the dog-park today, none of the other dogs would play with him. 

Actually, the dogs wanted to play but their owners wouldn't allow them to do so.

So I took him for a walk.

On the walk, one older couple said, "Oh what a cute dog!" Then another couple passed us and about ten feet after they passed, the woman said, "Oh, what an ugly dog!"

Harley: "Mama, why won't the doggies play with me?"

There was no one else around so I assume she was speaking about me or Harley.

I don't care if she called me ugly. But I thought she called Harley ugly and I immediately thought, "Shut up! You probably have ugly kids!" I didn't say it, though, because my mouth will one day get me in trouble.

Then I thought, maybe Harley is ugly and people tell me he is cute the same way people always tell others that their babies are cute, even if their babies are slightly strange looking. Maybe Harley is strange.

I think he is awesome. Sure, he is a bit rough and sometimes looks like he has never had a bath or has never seen the bristles of a brush, but he is a good dog and to me, he is still cute.

He is friendly and he likes to play. He has no idea about ugly or cute. He just wants to walk the trails or whip around the dog-park, chasing other dogs.

If only humans were made happy so easily.

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